- organic essential oil base sport spray (organic certified by Qualite France)

Dance Pro Gel
Flash Spray is specially made for professional dancers who put extreme stress on their body. It is made by natural organic essential oil and its ideal mix of various herbs and oils improving the body blood circulation and helping natural healing power of tired muscle and body.with relaxation.

Dance Pro Gel
Flash has very powerful effect and it is recommended to use with small part of the body which has a muscle pain or strong fatique. (Not recommend to use for whole body in one time)

Dance Pro Gel
Flash will make more confortable dancing with spraying just before the performance.

Applying Dance Pro Gel
Flash with Dance Pro Gel Bio will have more powerful effect, however, must put Dance Pro Gel Flash first, then apply Dance Pro Gel Bio after. Otherwise, the special coating film of Dance Pro Gel Bio blocks the Dance Pro Gel Flash from the skin.
Please do the skin test on small surface before applying larger surface.

a. Keep away from reach of children and avoid contact with eyes and sensitive skin area.
b. Stop using immediately and seek medical advice in case of irritation or rash or any skin reaction start.
c. Wash with clean water immediately in case of contact with the eyes and consult eye specialist.
d. Avoid sun light and heat. This product is easlily damaged by light and heat.
e. Storage in dark and cool place.

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made in France
30ml - Spray