Dance Pro Gel Bio is designed for professional dancers who work their bodies every day through classes, rehearsals, and performances.

The new organic sport gel aims at improving discomfort and relieving body fatigue caused by excessive physical exercise. Its unique formula composed of all organic and natural ingredients is much safer for continuous and regular use.

It is well-known that most popular sport gels, creams and aerosols are mainly composed of chemical ingredients. These ingredients are generally safe for the users' health but such products are not recommended for continuous and regular use. (see Comment 1)

Intended to reassure hard-working dancers who endure muscle pain and fatigue through extreme physical training, Dance Pro Gel
Bio is particularly suited for young dancers and ballet students who will use this product over an extended period of time.

Many principal dancers have contributed to the development process of Dance Pro Gel, from its initial conception to the final writing of its formula.

Dance Pro Gel
Bio has several unique characteristics:

a. Dance Pro Gel
Bio received the approval from "Nature et progrès", the highest organic standard in Europe (see Comment 2).
b. Given its organic properties, Dance Pro Gel
Bio feels mild on application despite its strong effects. It is highly recommended to apply the gel overnight for best results.
c. Dance Pro Gel
Bio sinks into the skin immediately and leaves the surface of the skin dry.
d. Dance Pro Gel
Bio will not make the body sweat oily substances after training and physical exercise.
e. Dance Pro Gel
Bio does not have a strong chemical-based smell like other products.
f. Dance Pro Gel Bio comes in a 100 ml non-pressurized bottle, making it easy to carry for air travel.
g. Dance Pro Gel
Bio can be used to relieve all kinds of body discomfort after any physical activity or caused by daily fatigue.

Comment 1.
Most sport creams, liquids and aerosols are produced with chemical ingredients classified as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). The most popular ingredient is Methyl Salicylate. Used since the 19th century, methyl salicylate was initially derived from plants but it is now produced chemically. Methyl salicylate quickly penetrates through the skin and directly acts on the nerves to relieve pain while improving blood flow. Popular products containing methyl salicylate include: Bengay, Ice-Hot, Mentholatum Deep Heat, Salonpas, Tigerbalm, Ammelz Yokoyoko etc. Methyl salicylate is generally safe for occasional use.
However, 17 year-old female runner in New York died of an overdose in 2007, caused by an excessive use of Bengay Ultra cream. For more detail, please see
The 2nd generation NSAID products consist in strong pain relievers which often for use by cancer patients. These new products include: Indomethacin, Diclofenac(Voltaren), Ketoprofen, etc.
At present, these 2nd generation products are safe for occasional use as apain reliever. However, detailed data on its long-term effects after continuous and regular use is unavailable.

Comment 2.
Established in 1964 in France, "Nature et Progrès" is one of the oldest organic certification organizations established by an association of organic farmers, cosmetics manufacturers, consumer associations and medical doctors. Nature et Progrès is known as having one of the strictest and most transparent certification standards in the world. Given the strict requirements of Nature et Progrès, cosmetic manufacturers seek more flexibility for commercial reasons. EcoCert (started in 1991) and CosmeBio/CosmeEco (started in 2002) have become popular certification labels in the cosmetics industry today:
For more details of Nature et Progrès, please see: http://www.natureetprogr

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